Become an Editor!

We are looking for a writer for our website, you can reach us through the contact section of our website.
How do I become a writer and editor? To become a writer, all you have to do is send a message here
along with a short article introducing yourself . If deemed appropriate, you will be informed.  

Things You Need to Specify When Sending an Email
: Your personal information: (Name, Surname, Age, Profession, etc.)
Information that you have been a writer before: (Yes / No)
A brief information about why you want to be a writer. (I have something to say about people and life.)
Your Interests. (Education, Art, Science, Technology, Travel, etc.)

Condition for Creating Original Content:
The content of the article must be original and different from the content of previously published articles.
If the article has already been published somewhere, your article will not be published. The user is responsible for all visual and text content.
If the content of the article contains any visual or text that encourages bad habits such as drugs or contains insults, your article will be removed from publication and your membership will be cancelled.
The article you upload to may not be approved for any reason. The status of the content is determined by editors.
Some sentences or paragraphs in the article can be quoted from other sites, but the link to the relevant site should be given in the "Resources" section at the end of the article.
If the article was prepared using a book, the author and the name of the book should be clearly stated in the "References" section.
There must be at least 1 image suitable for the article, and an article without a cover image should not be published. (You can get support from us to obtain copyright-free images. It will be stated from which sources you can access free images.)

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